Festivals of Tajikistan-2020

Tarokhonai vahdat ("Song of Unity") - 2020

Song and Dance Festival dedicated to the 5500th anniversary of Sarazm. It is planned in two rounds - in spring and summer.

The first round of the event will be organized in all cities and regions of Tajikistan from March to May 2020, the second round will be held in June in Penjikent.

All amateur art groups of Tajikistan will be able to take part in the festival.

And the 5500th anniversary of ancient Sarazm will be celebrated on September 12, 2020 in Penjikent.

From January 1 to September 2020, an exhibition in honor of the 5500th anniversary of Sarazm is open at the National Museum of Tajikistan, with exhibits and supporting documents of Sarazm included in the UNESCO World Heritage Register.

Annual clothing festival "Atlas and Adras"

The festival was created with the aim of popularizing national clothing, developing light industry and producing atlas and adras in the republic.

According to the already established tradition, it is organized in the north of Tajikistan in the Sughd region in two stages - the first round will take place in all cities and districts of the region, the second in Khujand.

According to its results, 12 winners will be determined. All of them will be awarded cash prizes. The festival is attended by artisans, representatives of industrial and manufacturing enterprises, sewing and training centers, educational institutions, numerous artists, designers and seamstresses.

Participants will be judged in four nominations: Best Children's Wear, Best Formal Wear, Best Party Dress, and Best Wedding Dress. According to the terms of the competition, all presented clothes must be made only from national fabrics - satin and adras.

Ethno festival "Roof of the World"

The Roof of the World is an annual music festival in Khorog that gathers fans of ethnic music not only from all over Tajikistan, but also from near and far abroad. At the festival, musicians from Afghanistan, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the USA and Uzbekistan share their creativity. The guests of the festival will enjoy master classes from musicians, as well as screenings of documentaries about the traditions and culture of different nations. Estimated month - July 2020.

Food and Balloon Festival

The festival of national cuisines and balloons in Dushanbe is already a traditional holiday. It attracts over forty thousand guests annually. For two days, Tajiks are delighted with new and elegant, as well as their favorite traditional dishes, which are very popular both among local gourmets and among guests of sunny and welcoming Tajikistan. All culinary masterpieces on display are spiced up with celebrity performances, master classes and tastings. The large stadium is decorated with fragrant pastries, kebabs and dozens of dishes, the names of which are not always easy to remember, but even to pronounce. But everything is delicious.

The peculiarity of the festival is that all dishes are prepared in the presence of spectators. You can take part in the process yourself together with the chef. The culmination of the holiday is the balloon festival. Estimated month - August 2020.

International Youth Cultural Festival "Long Live the Friendship of the Youth of the World"

The international youth festival in Dangara district of Khatlon region is being held for the second time. The event is planned as part of the celebration of the International Day of Navruz on March 18, 2020. More than 300 young people from different countries of the world will come to Tajikistan, numerous guests from the diplomatic corps, youth leaders of regional and international organizations are expected to attend.

The main goal is to strengthen friendship between young people from all over the world. The festival will include concerts, dance and literary competitions, where each participant will share their culture in their native language.

Festival of national sports and games

It has been held since 2016. The festival consists of three stages. In 2020, it starts in March at the level of cities and regions of the republic in honor of the Navruz holiday (stage 1). The second stage, dedicated to Youth Day, will take place in May at the level of regions and regions, and the third - the republican stage - is scheduled for September in honor of the holiday of state independence of Tajikistan.

Traditionally, the festival is held in two sports areas - official sports, in which competitions will be held as part of the events, and demonstration performances.

Within the framework of the festival, tournaments in national wrestling, field hockey, swimming, arm wrestling, chess, tug-of-war and running are expected.

Also such types of national entertainment as cockfighting, swordfighting, playing liangu, archery, rope jumping and more are presented.

Republican festival "Week of children's and youth books"

The festival is held by the M. Mirshakar Children's State Library in Dushanbe (formerly the Ferdowsi Library) together with the ministries and departments of the republic from April 2 to 9, 2020.

Within the framework of the festival, it is planned to hold meetings of readers with poets and writers, round tables, presentations of new books, various 

competitions, including the competition for young artists on the topic "My Favorite Book", the competition "Journalists for the best media coverage of the experience of work collectives in promoting the book and the development of reading", promotions "Best selling book", "The most active reader", " The most famous children's writer ”,“ The most active library and young reader ”,“ Young readers ”.

Fair of Navruz. Dushanbe-2020.

The Spring Crafts Fair will be held from March 1 to April 20 in honor of the Navruz International Holiday.

The purpose of the fair is to celebrate the International Navruz at a high level and familiarize with the products of domestic and foreign artisans, artists and potters. In addition, at the fairgrounds, artists and mentors will conduct training courses for young talents.

You can visit the fair at the address - Rudaki Ave., the entrance to the park of the same name in the center of Dushanbe. The fair will run daily from 10:00 to 23:00.

In 2020-2021, the city of Dushanbe was chosen as the tourist capital of the countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization.

Dushanbe International Film Festival

It will be held for the first time in the capital of the country from April 13 to 18, 2020. It will be attended by representatives of the film industry of the CIS and SCO countries, as well as the twin cities of Dushanbe.

The film festival will consist of two competitions and will be held in 8 nominations. The winner in the Best Feature Film nomination will win the Grand Prix of the festival.

In total, up to 20 full-length feature films shot in various genres (except for animated films) can take part in the film festival.


In early June 2020, the new Tirgon Rain Festival will be celebrated.

The Pumpkin Festival will take place in August 2020.

The Grape Festival will take place on the third Saturday of August 2020

On the first Saturday of September 2020, the Watermelon and Melon Festival will take place.

The Apple Festival will take place on the third Saturday of September 2020.

The Rice Festival and Exhibition will take place on the third Saturday of October 2020.

In October 2020, Mehrgon Farmers' Day will be celebrated.

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