Chiluchorchashma - healing springs

12 km west of the village of Shakhritus (formerly Shaartuz) on the right bank of the Kafirnigan, on the territory of the fourth state farm, 5 large springs are knocked out of the ground, which, in turn, break up into 39 small ones. The spring water forms a channel 12-14 m wide, in which trout and marinka live. The locals call this place Chiluchorchashma (translated as "forty-four springs") and consider it healing and sacred: pilgrims visiting the springs pray, bathe, and bathe.

Above Chiluchorchashma there is a small hill with a small mazar - a mausoleum, a Muslim object of veneration. According to local legends, a saint by the name of Kambar Bobo, who was the groom of Ali (the fourth righteous caliph), is buried there.

Much later, the springs were one of the most revered places of the Kabadian bekdom and gave birth to the Beshkent oasis. Today, plane trees (plane trees) and poplars grow around Chiluchorchashma, there is a large orchard, and the place itself breathes with calmness and peace.

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