Bazardara the city of silver miners  (XI c.)

 Bazardara the city of silver miners is located at the right bank of Ak-Djilga river, 6 km from its confluence with Bazar-rik river.          

Bozordara was founded in the XI century on the elevation of 1800 m because of the silver extraction mines during the “silver crisis” in the Eastern Pamirs. Bazardara existed about 200 – 250 years. However in this short time it could grow up into a big caravanserai consisting of dwelling houses (there were about 80), cemetery (about 500 graves) and about 1500 population. The dwelling houses were equipped with suffas and fireplaces and from the public buildings the administrative complex, the fire temple, a bath with central heating and also numerous wells or water reservoirs has preserved.    

The fire temple was excavated after cleaning the late dwelling house. The complex consisted of three stone made premises: the entrance with sufa and a semicircle hall 30 sq. m from which is possible to go out to the northern part of the walls. 

The ashes of the fireplace which was found on the floor had a red and brown color which tells about the devotion of Bazardara people in the XI c. for the fire worshipping and the ruination of the temples and construction of new dwelling houses instead is connected to the progressive influence of Islam in Badakhshan in the XI century.

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